Jackowiak Law Offices - Firm Profile

Jackowiak Law Offices

Established in 2006, Jackowiak Law Office has quickly become one of the top trial law firms in the City of Chicago. We have assembled a team of the best legal talent around, and we strive for excellence and perfection in everything we do.

From the start, our mission has always been to be the best. And a commitment to the highest standards and principles has allowed us to rapidly rise to the top. How did we do it? Here's our formula:

  • We Set the Standard in Professional Excellence. This principle is simple. If we take your case, we will work extremely hard to make sure you have the very best legal representation. That's our promise to you. Our application of creative and cutting-edge litigation strategy has led to many great victories, and established new legal principles in important areas of law. When you get regular phone calls from some of Chicago's best attorneys when they are looking for a lawyer, you know you're doing something right.

  • We Love What We Do. We realize that lawyers are the guardians of our constitution and civil justice system, and all our lawyers are passionate about helping people and using the law to strengthen our communities. We strongly believe that service to others and protecting our rights are important American values, and we get tremendous gratification from doing it every day.

  • We Are People's Lawyers. We are committed to common people from all walks of life who are victims of injustice. We never switch sides and represent corporations or insurance companies who oppose full compensation and justice for the injured.

  • We Have Compassion and We Listen. There is more to being a good lawyer than knowing the law. We are aware of the important role that attorneys play in people's lives, and are dedicated to being a compassionate counselor and friend. By having a strong relationship with our clients, we become partners in our journey to justice.

  • Your Interests Are Most Important. While we are always ready to go to battle when called upon, we will not allow our passion for the good fight to blind us from settling a case. But we only settle cases when the offer provides full and fair compensation, and the client agrees on the amount. We proudly obtain maximum recoveries for our clients based on our reputation and our opponents' fear of going to trial against us.

Do you want the very best legal representation for your case? For a free consultation, please contact us by email, or call us at 312-795-9595.