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Class Actions

Our law firm is both able and willing to pursue class action lawsuits against multinational corporations and entire governments when their negligent or illegal conduct has caused harm to lots of people. 

A "class action" lawsuit ties together the claims of hundreds or even thousands of different people that share a similar claim or complaint against a particular defendant or set of defendants (which are usually large multinational corporations or large governmental entities).  These class actions are advanced as a lawsuit in the name of a single plaintiff, or a series of plaintiffs, and others who have similar claims are asked to join with them or to "opt out" of the class. 

Class actions have proven to be very successful in pursuing claims against powerful corporations and the government.  However, before any law firm can bring a class action lawsuit, certain criteria must be established, including:

  • Large number of claims exist ‑ there must be enough injured people to warrant a class action instead of separate lawsuits
  • Legal issues must be shared ‑ the injured people must essentially be arguing the same legal violations have occurred, so they'd be filing duplicative lawsuits if they filed individually
  • Firm's ability to represent the class ‑ the law firm must be willing to undertake the large undertaking of a class action, and be both able and willing to represent the interests of hundreds or thousands of people.

One of the most well‑known class action lawsuits was filed by the citizens of Hinkley, California, as class action plaintiffs in a personal injury case against Pacific Gas & Electric, made famous in the movie "Erin Brockovich."  The class action prevailed, and its members shared in a multi‑million dollar award resulting from PG&E's contamination of the community's groundwater with a toxin.

Another famous class action lawsuit was filed by those harmed by the diet drug Fen‑Phen against the drug manufacturers responsible for releasing the drug into the American marketplace under various names.  (Fen‑Phen refers to the drugs fenfluramine (sold as Pondimin) and/or dexfenfluramine (sold as Redux).) The lawsuit (as well as others) was responsible for the removal of the dangerous Fen‑Phen drug from the market.

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