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Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested and accused of a crime, there is a lot at stake. A good criminal defense lawyer often means the difference between freedom and prison time. All lawyers are not created equal. Don’t choose just any lawyer. If you hire the wrong lawyer, the consequences could be extreme.

Jackowiak Law Offices has lawyers with extensive experience in defending criminal cases, and a history of results. Lawrence (“Larry”) Jackowiak is best known for his work in civil rights and injury cases, but when Jackowiak Law Offices first opened in 1996, the firm handled mostly criminal cases. Right from the start, Larry fought hard in all of his cases. For example, in his very first jury trial, Larry’s client was charged with armed robbery. One piece of evidence was a signed, handwritten confession the client made after he was arrested. The jury made a finding of not guilty.

Daniel Kiss is also part of our criminal defense team. Dan worked as Cook County public defender for 9 years defending people accused of every kind of serious felony crime. Dan knows the local criminal justice system. He has represented thousands of people accused of crimes in Chicago, and has regularly had juries find his clients not guilty.

Attorney Louis Meyer also has had enormous success working on criminal cases. In fact, a jury has found Louis’s client not guilty in every case he has ever taken to trial. In all of those cases, Louis then filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the client alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution.

All of our attorneys are relentless, tireless, and energetic in defending criminal cases. We investigate all cases early and thoroughly. Each case undergoes rigorous forensic analysis, and every possible legal motion is carefully considered and fought. Every move, big and little, is factored into the grand trial strategy. In court, our attorneys speak eloquently, candidly, and with passion. Our attorneys believe it is an honor to fight for freedom, and have won many cases that the prosecution thought there was no chance of losing.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal crimes are usually the most serious for which a person may face criminal charges. In addition, the manner in which federal crimes are investigated, prosecuted and penalized is extremely harsh. Federal criminal cases often have extremely harsh minimum penalties that must be imposed under federal sentencing guidelines. To make matters even worse, federal agencies are typically better funded and have more manpower to dedicate to their investigations, and federal prosecutors often have more experience and resources to prosecute defendants in federal court. To counteract the aggressive investigation and prosecution that you will face for a federal crime, you need highly experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side. Our lawyers are here to help you fight for your rights and liberties.

Murder, Rape, Guns, Drugs

Most criminal prosecutions are in state court. The most common charges include possession of contraband, including narcotics and weapons, and violent crimes like rape and murder.

Our lawyers have extensive experience fighting all types of state charges. No matter what the charge, we passionately fight every single case as if it’s our only case. The police and prosecutors are fearful of going to trial against us because we’ve won so many cases that they mistakenly thought they could never lose. Based on our history and reputation, we have been able to plea bargain to keep our clients out of jail when the prosecution has really strong evidence. Also, our intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system allows us to negotiate with prosecutors to have cases dismissed.

Contact Us - Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, there is a lot at stake. We can help. Start by calling us to schedule a time to come to our office to meet to discuss your case. Initial consultations are free. We will outline our strategy to fight your case, and tell you exactly what the cost will be for attorney fees and other expenses. All terms will be put in writing. You will then have the comfort of knowing that you have the very best representation for your case and it will be handled properly. We never rest on our past victories, we prove ourselves with every case. Don’t be a victim of illegal arrests, illegal charges, exaggerated charges, and false evidence. Contact us now.

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