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Surgical Errors

During surgery, a patient's life is in the hands of the doctor. The patient should be able to trust that the surgeon will perform the procedure properly without making a life-threatening mistake. Although surgical mistakes are rare, they do happen. Even the best and most experienced surgeons sometimes make mistakes while performing even routine procedures.

There are many kinds of mistakes that can result from a surgical procedure, including obvious things like leaving a tool or sponge inside a patient. Most surgical errors, however, involve other types of mistakes. For example, a doctor may administer the wrong type or amount of medication, give the wrong blood type to a patient, negligently cut or damage nearby tissue, or fail to properly prepare for and treat infections. Any type of surgical error may be devastating and life threatening. Mistakes may also result arise if a doctor does not properly review a patient's records, does not fully understand the patient's conditions, or does not properly prepare for the surgery.

All doctors are required to perform their duties with reasonable professional care. If a medical professional fails to act with reasonable care and causes injury to a patient, that professional has committed medical malpractice.

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