Pasha Vaziri (of counsel) Pasha Vaziri (of counsel)

Pasha Vaziri (of counsel)

Something I’m Very Proud Of…
My international upbringing. Having grown up in Toronto, Canada, I grew up around people from every corner of the world. Though I haven’t actually traveled to all these countries, I feel as though I have. My friends allowed me to participate in the music, the food, and customs of their respective homelands. It instilled in me an appreciation for diversity.

What I Love About My Work…
Garnering a potential client’s trust. By the time someone seeking legal representation contacts an attorney, the situation is dire. There is a lot at stake. Clients are overwhelmed if not afraid. It’s important to provide competent advice. It’s also important to foster a dynamic of trust and empathy. It’s beyond rewarding to get a client’s ultimate vote of confidence—their desire that you represent them in one of the most important situations they’ve encountered.

Hobbies And Interests
University of Kentucky men’s basketball, sports, exercise, ethnic food, music, travel, entrepreneurship. Did I mention University of Kentucky men’s basketball?

People I’d like to Meet
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Robert DeNiro, the person who cures cancer.

Favorite Quote:
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.

If I Weren’t a Lawyer, I’d Be
An advertising executive.

Pasha Vaziri began his career in 2009 as a plaintiff’s attorney at a general civil litigation firm with a focus on insurance and personal injury law. He has tried cases in both state and federal court.

Pasha graduated from The John Marshall Law School. While in school, he served as a research assistant, an in-house counsel intern through the Association of Corporate Counsel, and as a law clerk in various litigation firms throughout Chicago. He attended undergrad at the University of Kentucky where he majored in philosophy and political science.

Pasha serves as of counsel to Jackowiak Law Offices in personal injury and litigation matters. His own practice, Vaziri Law LLC, focuses on business, employment, and injury litigation.

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