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When you place a family member in a nursing home, you are putting your trust in the facility to offer a safe, caring and supportive environment for your loved one. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to provide proper medical care, support and protection for their residents. Reports of patient abuse and neglect are far too common in the nursing home industry. Too often nursing homes are not adequately funded and staffed to meet the needs of their residents. The workers employed in these facilities may be poorly trained and, in some cases, even abusive toward sick and elderly residents.

Protecting Illinois Nursing Home Residents

The attorneys at Jackowiak Law Offices are very familiar with disturbing nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect cases. Our Chicago nursing home lawyers are experienced injury attorneys who fight every day to protect the rights of nursing home patients and their families. Deciding to place a parent or family member in a nursing home facility is a difficult decision to make. When a nursing home fails to provide patients with the appropriate level of care and support, serious injuries and medical issues can occur, such as fractures, malnutrition, dehydration, medical mistakes, misdiagnosis, improper medication, infections and even wrongful death.

There are many federal, state and local laws designed to protect the rights of nursing home patients. While these laws, including the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, were enacted to ensure the safety and well-being of residents in nursing homes and long term care facilities, abuse and neglect still occurs every day in nursing homes in Illinois and across the nation. This abuse and neglect can result in serious injuries and potentially life-threatening situations.

Nursing Home Lawyers in Chicago and Illinois

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes can be difficult to identify and detect. Nursing home patients are often very frail and may not even be aware of ongoing neglect and abuse. Moreover, many victims are unwilling to report the abuse or neglect because they are fearful of the facility and their caregivers.

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers are very sensitive to these situations. We are a compassionate team of attorneys who know how to work with patients and their families to thoroughly investigate nursing home cases. We understand just how fragile victims can be and we are committed helping our clients secure full compensation for injuries caused by nursing home neglect and abuse.

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