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Felony Franks, a Chicago Hot Dog Stand that Employs Felons, Faces Shut Down

Jun 6, 2012 / by / on Civil Rights

Jim Andrews, owner of Felony Franks, is in the news again. As reported recently in the media, Felony Franks – a West Side hot dog stand that employs convicted felons –  faces shut down.

Felony Franks opened on the Near West Side of Chicago in 2009. Since its opening, Jim Andrews hired multiple convicted felons to work at Felony Franks in order to give them a second chance. Through the crime-theme menu, including the “Misdemeanor Weiner” and the “Probation Burger,” Jim also hoped to raise awareness to the cyclical problems inherent in the criminal justice system.

Despite the popularity of the food and mission, Felony Franks has suffered financially. Since its opening, Felony Franks has faced repeated opposition from the City, who felt that the Felony Franks name “glorified crime.” The City opposed every request Felony Franks made for routine permits and conventional City aid. For about two and a half years Felony Franks was forced to operate without a sign, and Felony Franks never got any funding or a curb cut for a drive thru. Further, according to Jim, a local liquor store that opened up nearby has caused problems for the neighborhood and scares away patrons.

While Felony Franks was eventually able to post a sign, the attorneys at Jackowiak Law Offices continue to fight to get Jim compensation for the damages he suffered. Jackowiak Law Offices represents Jim in his ongoing First Amendment and Constitutional rights case against the City.

Check out the link below to see recent media coverage on Felony Franks:

CBS Chicago

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