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Yearly Archives: 2011

Jury Awards an $8.3 Million Verdict; However, Indiana Law Cuts Award in Half

A Cook County, Illinois, bricklayer suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured heel, in a construction accident. John Mazzorana, 38, sued Emil Perrotta Co. for leaving an unsupported walking plank on a scaffold, leading to his serious injuries. When Mazzorana stepped on the plank, he fell 30 feet. As a result, he can no longer work as a bricklayer.

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Police Cite 3 Officers in Geinosky False Ticket Civil Rights Case

Nov 8, 2011 / by / on News

Mark Geinosky, a client of Jackowiak Law Offices, has new hope in his Chicago civil rights case. Geinosky began receiving bogus parking tickets in late 2007. Over the course of 14 months, he accumulated 24 parking citations. Geinosky suspected that his ex-wife had conspired with the Officers for the purpose of harassing him. He had never been to the locations cited on the tickets. The tickets arrived in the mail, none of them were attached to his car. He successfully fought each ticket in administrative court and had them all thrown out.

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