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Jackowiak Law Offices Continues the Battle for Falsely Accused Client in the United States Supreme Court

Jun 6, 2012 / by / on Civil Rights

In 2005, Rick Aleman, a day care provider, was falsely accused of murdering a baby. In reality, the baby had been violently beaten a week prior by his mother, and subsequently died from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Ironically, Rick Aleman tried to save the baby’s life when he went limp at the daycare center.

It was obvious that the baby’s mother should have been considered a suspect, but a botched investigation focused on Aleman. The police fabricated evidence and coerced Aleman into giving a false confession.

Aleman’s life was destroyed by these false charges. Posting bond broke Aleman and his day-care center was forced to shut down. It was over a year before the prosecutors finally dropped the case against Aleman.

The lawyers at Jackowiak Law Offices filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Rick Aleman. The case was thrown out by the trial court, but on appeal, the court held that Aleman had a viable civil rights case for illegal interrogation. Despite this victory, Aleman’s battle for justice has been delayed again. The police officers have tried to appeal this case to the United States Supreme Court. Jackowiak Law Offices continues to fight on Aleman’s behalf in the Supreme Court. Read our Brief in Opposition here:

Brief in Opposition

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