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Jackowiak Law Offices Files Suit on Behalf of Disabled Veteran Everett Lewis

Aug 30, 2010 / by / on News

Jackowiak Law Offices, along with attorney Rodney Nordstrom, filed a lawsuit today against Tazewell County, Illinois, on behalf of Everett Lewis. On December 9, 2009, Mr. Lewis was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing at a gas station and was taken to the Tazewell County jail. Mr. Lewis is a disabled veteran who served six years in the United States military and was honorably discharged. At the time of this incident, Lewis was suffering a manic episode. Employees of the Tazewell County Sheriff tasered Lewis and sprayed him with chemical spray. At the time he was tased and sprayed, Mr. Lewis was already confined in a jail cell and posed no threat to himself or anyone else. Prior to this arrest, Mr. Lewis had been an outspoken critic of the history of detainee abuse at the Tazewell County jail. The video below depicts a portion of the misconduct that forms the basis for Mr. Lewis’s lawsuit.