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Jury Awards an $8.3 Million Verdict; However, Indiana Law Cuts Award in Half

A Cook County, Illinois, bricklayer suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured heel, in a construction accident. John Mazzorana, 38, sued Emil Perrotta Co. for leaving an unsupported walking plank on a scaffold, leading to his serious injuries. When Mazzorana stepped on the plank, he fell 30 feet. As a result, he can no longer work as a bricklayer.

The jury awarded $4 million for the injuries, $2 million for pain and suffering, $1.65 million in lost wages, $500,000 for deformity and $226,000 for medical care. They found Emil Perrotta 50% liable, with the other 50% liability being assigned to Hawk Construction. Since Mazzorana filed a workers’ compensation claim against Hawk Construction, he did not sue the company.

Under Indiana law, defendants only pay the percentage of responsibilities assigned by the jury. Thus, Mazzorana will only receive 50% of his damages. Had the case been tried under Illinois law, he would have recovered 100% of the damages. Illinois law requires defendants to pay the entire award as long they are found at least 25% liable.

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