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Police Cite 3 Officers in Geinosky False Ticket Civil Rights Case

Nov 8, 2011 / by / on News

Mark Geinosky, a client of Jackowiak Law Offices, has new hope in his Chicago civil rights case. Geinosky began receiving bogus parking tickets in late 2007. Over the course of 14 months, he accumulated 24 parking citations. Geinosky suspected that his ex-wife had conspired with the Officers for the purpose of harassing him. He had never been to the locations cited on the tickets. The tickets arrived in the mail, none of them were attached to his car. He successfully fought each ticket in administrative court and had them all thrown out.

After filing a complaint with Independent Police Review, the case was forwarded to Internal Affairs. They promptly closed the case without an investigation. In response, Geinosky called the Chicago Tribune’s “Problem Solver” on February 24, 2009. The department reopened the case with a new internal investigation.

In March 2010, Geinosky retained the civil rights lawyers at Jackowiak Law Offices to represent him in this Chicago civil rights case. Jackowiak Law Offices filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Geinosky’s ex-wife conspired with police officers to “injure and get vengeance” against him.

Yesterday, Superintendant Garry McCarthy moved to fire three police officers who allegedly issued false tickets to Mark Geinosky in violation of his civil rights. Pending a hearing before the Police Board, officers Steven Sabatino, Horst Hegewald and Paul Roque have been suspended without pay. A fourth officer, William Whelehan, was also recommended to be terminated for the parking ticket case.

The firing of the three Officers offers new hope to Geinosky. In response to the new development Geinosky stated, “I’m very surprised, I think it’s a great step forward in starting to restore my confidence in City Hall.”

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