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Police Misconduct

The vast majority of police officers serve honorably and with distinction. They deserve respect and appreciation. However, like all professions, there are some bad apples. Rogue cops can be extremely dangerous. For the most part, especially in major cities like Chicago, police officers know that they will not be disciplined or criminally charged even for the most outrageous conduct. This often leads to an abuse of power.

Police officers have guns and handcuffs, and the power to make an arrest and take away a person’s freedom. They have been given not only enormous responsibility, but also enormous trust. They should always act in a way that respects the trust the public has placed in them. So when the police make a false arrest or brutally beat people, it is a horrific breach of trust. This should never be tolerated.

The only way to hold police officers accountable is by bringing a civil lawsuit. Since 1996, Jackowiak Law Offices has fought the police and obtained justice for hundreds of victims of police brutality and other police misconduct. Our lawyers take great pride in working tirelessly for people whose civil rights have been violated. Check our record. We have obtained numerous jury verdicts for all kinds of police misconduct and civil rights violations, and obtained millions of dollars. On many occasions we have won large jury verdicts in police misconduct cases that the defense lawyers refused to settle out of court because they mistakenly thought we had no chance of winning.

Our law firm is not anti-police. We have represented several police officers who themselves have been victims of rogue cops. We are against any abuse of power. We have no complaint with the thousands of law enforcement professionals who perform their jobs honorably and within the rules. But yes, there are bad cops. There are too many who feel free to disregard the constitutional rights of those they are supposed to protect and serve. When they violate the Constitution, the only way to hold them accountable is through the civil justice system. That is what we do.

Police Brutality & Excessive Force

When police officers make an arrest, they are only allowed to use as much force as is reasonable under the circumstances. It is not the job of the police to inflict punishment, that is for the courts. But many police officers fail to understand that, and use excessive force against an arrestee who is often defenseless and handcuffed.

Police brutality often arises when a person is upset about being falsely arrested and asks for an explanation. A lot of cops don’t like it when people assert their rights. When a suspect is uncooperative, dismissive or verbally indignant, some officers take it personally. They may break out the baton of the taser, or they just may brutally beat someone with their fists. That is illegal.

Too many people think there's nothing they can do if they've been "beaten up by a cop."  But through our diligent, aggressive representation, we have won hundreds of cases for our clients, and obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of police brutality and other misconduct. We can do the same for you.

The Fourth Amendment: False Arrest and Illegal Searches Claims

Police misconduct does not always involve a physical injury. We also bring civil rights claims for people who have been subjected to a false arrest as well as illegal searches. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits police officers from making an arrest without “probable cause.” If you were arrested without probable cause and won your criminal case, we can sue to hold the police officer responsible for violating your civil rights.

Similarly, police officers must have a proper and valid warrant or some other type of legal justification to search your home or car. Too often, however, the police perform searches with a defective warrant or no warrant at all. If this has happened to you, you should stand up for your rights. If you do nothing, you can be sure that the officer will feel free to do the same thing to other people. You can make a difference.

Denial of Medical Care, Jail Abuse, Strip Searches, Freedom of Speech, and Other Section 1983 Claims

When most people think of police misconduct, images come to mind of a defenseless person on the ground being beaten by rogue cops. However, police misconduct and abuse of force are also caused by policies that lead to systematic civil rights violations, such as illegal strip searches and overdetention (keeping someone in jail after they have a right to release). The First Amendment also guarantees freedom of speech.

A federal law referred to as Section 1983 gives you the right to sue the police if your constitutional rights have been violated. For example, once a person is arrested and taken into police custody, the police department and the jail assume responsibility for that person's safety. If an inmate is injured or dies because of abusive treatment or negligence, the city or county may be financially liable.

Resisting Arrest and other Phony Charges

When our client is charged with resisting arrest or disorderly conduct with no other criminal charges, it is a sign of police harassment. We are experts at getting these bogus charges dismissed as a baseless cover‑up for police brutality and illegal searches. Then we sue the police for false arrest.

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The police have a job to do, but violating your civil rights isn't part of it. Police misconduct such as unlawful arrest, police brutality and malicious prosecution can leave a lasting impact on your record and your reputation at work and in your community. If you have been falsely arrested or beaten up by the police, you have a right to compensation.

Yet there are people who do tolerate this evil. Fellow officers are known to turn a blind eye to police misconduct. Sadly, some members of society have had so many bad breaks in life that they haven't got the stamina or the desire to stand up and fight the police. Taking on law enforcement may seem daunting, but our attorneys do it every day for the victims of police misconduct and police brutality.

How do we respond to the abuse of power by rogue cops?  By fighting back in the battlefield of a courtroom. Our weapons are civil rights laws and the Constitution. And don’t worry about our fee. We represent our clients on a contingency basis. This means we receive a percentage of what we recover for you. If there is no recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. Start the process now and contact us today.

Jackowiak Law Offices handles police brutality and other civil rights cases not only throughout Cook County and the Chicago land area, but also throughout the State of Illinois, including Rockford, Peoria, and McHenry County.

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