Toxic Exposure Cases

Jackowiak Law Offices represents individuals throughout the State of Illinois who have suffered serious workplace injuries due to toxic chemical exposure. Our Chicago law firm is comprised of a highly skilled and dedicated team of personal injury lawyers who are committed to obtaining results for our clients. Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who know how to win difficult toxic exposure cases.

The lawyers at our Chicago firm handle all types of toxic chemical and hazardous substance claims, including:

  • Industrial pollutants
  • Toxic mold
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Hazardous waste

Toxic chemical exposure occurs across all types of industries and work environments. While most exposures occur in factories, refineries and other industrial sites where hazardous materials are manufactured or used, even office workers can be at risk for exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials.

When a person comes into contact with a toxic substance, serious health effects can occur. Chemicals can enter the worker’s body through inhalation, swallowing or direct contact with the eyes or skin. Some effects may be immediate while others are delayed. Depending upon the type of substance and the disease involved, a worker may not exhibit any signs of damage until many years after the exposure occurred. Injuries in chemical exposure cases can be severe, ranging from burns and serious skin ailments to throat, lung, nerve and even neurological damage.

Protecting Exposed Workers

Toxic chemical exposure claims can be particularly challenging to prove. These cases are often highly contested by both employers and their insurance carriers. Our firm understands the complex legal and factual issues underlying toxic exposure cases. We are an experienced legal team that is prepared to help you fight back against the insurance companies, employers and other parties who have failed to protect you from dangerous substances.

When our firm takes on a toxic chemical case we undertake a thorough investigation of the claim. Our chemical exposure attorneys depose critical witnesses, review all documents and health records, and consult with medical, scientific and industry experts who can help us develop and present the most compelling cases for our clients. We know you and your family members are counting on us and we will do everything possible to obtain a fair and just recovery in your case.

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