Fighting Police Brutality

Instances of police brutality and misconduct are far too common. While police officers are trained on how to avoid using excessive force, there are times when an officer may make a terrible decision or go too far when making an arrest. When the police officer abuse their authority and violate the civil rights of a citizen, the results can be devastating. Victims of police brutality often suffer serious physical and emotional injuries which can take a lifetime to recover from.

The attorneys at Jackowiak Law Offices have years of experience representing the victims of police brutality. We are a dedicated team of attorneys who are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of our clients. When a police officer’s negligent or intentional misconduct seriously injures or kills someone, our firm is prepared to fight for maximum compensation. We are aggressive advocates who handle all types of police brutality cases, including:

  • Excessive force – Police officers are only allowed to use the amount of force necessary to control an incident. When an officer uses excessive force by taking action which is disproportionate to the situation, victims can recover financial compensation for resulting injuries.
  • Racial profiling/discrimination – Some cases of police brutality may be linked to racial profiling. In the United States, all people, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity, have the right to be treated fairly and equally by law enforcement personnel. When a police officer targets a person based upon race, nationality or another personal characteristic, such action may constitute a civil rights violation.
  • Unjustified shootings – Law enforcement officials are only permitted to shoot someone under limited circumstances, such as when a person is believed to pose a significant threat to the officer or an immediate danger to the people around him or her. When a police officer uses excessive force and shoots someone without justification, the shooting victim and his or her family is entitled to compensation.
  • Taser or stun gun injuries and deaths – While tasers and stun guns may have been intended to serve as a non-lethal method of control for law enforcement, they are powerful weapons that can cause serious injuries and even death. There are far too many reports of police officers using these weapons against unarmed individuals who pose no significant threat to the officer or to the public’s safety.
  • Wrongful death – When someone you love has been wrongfully killed by law enforcement, the pain and suffering can be overwhelming. While we trust our police officers to act appropriately and protect us from harm, there are times when an officer may go outside of the bounds of the law and wrongfully kill someone. In these situations, compensation is available through a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • False arrest – The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects citizens from wrongful arrests. If a law enforcement officer arrests you without probable cause (also known as an unlawful arrest) you can file a lawsuit and obtain monetary compensation for the violation your civil rights.

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